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All our Team, focuses all its efforts on ensuring that each client leaves satisfied and returns. The entire team is highly qualified and trained to meet the expectations and wishes of all our clients. Do not hesitate to ask them for information about the city or any other question. They will kindly answer them.

Daniel Romero Herrero
General Manager

The Boss, there is no formula or balance that can resist him


He is the first person to pull out all the stops. His good ideas are responsible for the trajectory and life of Life Apartments. He is a close and firm person, with very clear concepts and in that way he transmits it to the whole team.


Super Power: He always gives his best

Favorite Song: My way (Frank Sinatra)

Favorite place: on a sailboat anywhere in the world

Blanca Pérez Díaz
Operations Manager
"Life" as a way of Life
Her experience, cheerful character and her always positive attiude make her a key and essential part of the Team. She ensures that everything runs perfectly for our customers.
She is the “


” of Life.  
Super Power: She always gets what she wants
Favorite Song: Don´t stop me now (Queen)
Favorite Place: Zahara de los Atunes
Juan Antonio Román Serena
Accounting and Administration
The man of "the numbers"
He takes care of billing, banks, taxes, accounting, etc. He is an accounting technician by profession and a handyman at heart. He is also our man for everything; he  can do the taxes, set up a sofa or make you a rice with squid, a gazpacho or whatever "Life" needs.
Super power: He is a specialist in telling bad jokes.
Favorite song: Rather be (Clean Bandit)
Favorite place: The Sunset in Zahara de los Atunes
Esperanza Ruiz Pérez
Revenue Manager

Nobody knows business  like her


Methodical and very demanding person. Thanks to this, there is no market price that she does not know or website that resists her. Although at first sight the image of her imposes you, but then, she is the first person to help her workmates.


Super power: She always has her eyes closed in 90% of the photos. 

Favorite Song: The lady in red (Chris de Burgh)

Favorite place: The beach of the dead (Almería)

Cristina Limones Barrios
Head of the Reservations Department

Our Responsible of Reservations


She is one of the voices behind the phone when clients call us. She manages the reservations of each Destination attending to all the requests of our clients. She is always there to help you with whatever you need and to have a beer and cheer you up after a hard day.


Super power: she knows all the bars in the area.

Favorite Song: Viva la vida (Coldplay)

Favorite place: Los Alemanes beach in Zahara de los Atunes

María Eugenia Rodríguez Gómez
Booking Department
The girl from "Reservations" 
She is the other voice behind the phone when clients call us for a request or inquiry. The constancy and attitude of her, does not miss any client. The sweetness of her on the phone makes customers fall at her feet.
Super Power:  She's still alive in spite of his frequent falls
Favorite song: No puedo vivir sin ti (Coque Malla)
Favorite place: anywhere in Italy
Carlos Jiménez Pastrana
Commercial Manager

 The young spirit of the company


Carlos combines commercial work with the day to day of our apartments in Malaga. There is no one better than him to show, teach and advise your company about our apartments. Be careful with him because he can sell a comb to a bald man.


Super power: To be forever yobng

Favorite Song: Creep (Radiohead)

Favorite place: Machu Picchu (Peru)

Zamara Gago Diaz
Destination Manager (Sevilla)

She is, like Sevilla, wonderful


Zamara is responsible for carrying all our buildings in Seville. Her critical capacity, her kindness and empathy towards everyone around her, make her Destiny shine. Her elegance and know-how are almost as great as she is.



Super power: She is always finds the bright side of things.

Favorite song: La Vie en rose (Edith Piaf)

Favorite place: Any neighbourhood in London.